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Joining Yo! Accelerator is a straightforward process, and we're with you at every stage, including crafting a comprehensive project proposal.

Explore our application process below, and if you're interested, reach out via our contact form so we can get you started.

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Project Requirements

It’s simple, but needs stating. All projects should be within the following scope:


The project should address a community need.

For Good

The project should contribute to enhancing the community.

Not For Profit

All revenue gained must go back into the project itself.

Age 21+

Applicants must be age 21 or older.

Commitment & Passion

Projects will take time to come to fruition. We're looking for individuals with a long-term commitment to their idea.  

Sample Pitch Deck

Interested applicants should check out the pitch deck for the Yo! Camp program to get a sense of what a completed pitch deck could look like.

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The Application Process

The application process consists of two phases: application workshops, then project presentation. All workshops and events during the application process are mandatory.

Workshop 1 - Program Purpose

Workshop will cover crafting program mission statements. Assessing community needs.

Workshop 2 - Planning & Budget

Workshop will cover crafting project timelines, building committees, determining project milestones, determining project budgets.

Pitch & Evaluation

Applicants will present their project proposals to a panel that will select the projects for the annual cohort.

Class Selection

Our evaluation panel evaluates commitment, project feasibility, and potential community impact to select the annual cohort. Applicants will receive notifications regarding their acceptance into the cohort during this evaluation phase.

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